Why Do You Always See House Spiders?

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The presence of spiders in a house is commonly met with a quick slap with a shoe or book and with disgust. There’s just something about it that could be very unsettling. Spiders are one of the usual household pests. However, if you are seeing more spiders than usual, then it can mean something else—perhaps a serious issue in your home.  

Why spiders are found in your home? 

Frequently, colder weather leads to the appearance of more pests in your house since they are searching for shelter and food from the dynamic conditions outdoors. However, colder weather is not always the major reason why you will observe more spiders in your home. Frequently, their presence indicates that other pests are also present in your house, sometimes ones that you do not even see, 

Take note that spiders consume insects more compared to human food. Hence, there are instances that they are busy performing some in-house pest control of their own especially if you are observing more of them than the normal case. The majority of spiders are 98% harmless to humans and they don’t bite. However, it’s a great idea to be aware of which kinds of venomous spiders are most typical in your place so that you can pay attention to and get rid of them right away.  

The house spider 

The house spider is one of the most typical kinds of spiders that you’ll commonly see in your house.  Usually, they have a variable dirty white and yellowish-brown coloring with stripes that intersect at an angle. It’s estimated that a female will lay about 250 eggs in a round, small, brownish-colored sac in her web, can possibly lay up to 17 egg sacs around a year.  

How to remove spiders? 

Oftentimes, spiders show up in areas where we don’t want them to be, such as family rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. One of the first things you can do to eliminate the spiders that infest your home would be to make your home pest-proof. This way, they cannot look for a source of food. Moreover, you can take a more direct method by specifically searching for and eliminating them. Some of the easy ways to do in this version of pest control in your home include: 

  • Keeping door screens and window in great condition 
  • Cleaning and paying attention to hard-to-reach corners and places in your house 
  • Vacuuming up spiders, nests, and cobwebs once you find them 
  • Frequent vacuuming 
  • Quickly sweeping up and removing any crumbs or food.  
  • Keeping tree limbs, leaves, mulch, and brush away from the outside of your home’s walls 
  • Sealing holes and cracks in trim and walls 

If you are currently experiencing a spider infestation, never think twice to let us know and our certified exterminator Memphis today. We will gladly help you with your pest concern for you to achieve a pest-proof home. Contact us through our hotline numbers or visit our website for more information about our services.   

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